Draw Yourself the Perfect Bath

The perfect bath does exist! And sometimes we all need it. We need to take a step back from the overwhelming distractions of life, the daily stress and press restart. Finding the tiny moments of solace and peace, away from work emails and kids calling your name – we owe it to ourselves.
As you sink into the depth of water and feel the rush of calm float over your body, you realise there’s no other place that can create the instant feeling of content, especially when set up flawlessly.

Step 1: Set your intentions
Having a bath is a different experience for everyone. Some will use it to sooth sore muscles, others will begin their beauty regimen with a bath or simply use a bath as an escape from reality. Knowing the purpose of your bath will allow you to help curate the bath accordingly. The more you reflect on what you want out of your bath, the more your bath will be total perfection!  

Step 2: Pick your bath time activities
Are you going to read, sit in silence after a loud day or watch a movie on your iPad? No matter the activity be prepared and get it ready before you dip your toes in, this is your time to unwind however you please.
If you haven’t already, find yourself the perfect wooden caddy for your bathroom. I know mine would include a wine holder and a place for my iPad or book. (Bamboo Bath Caddy Shelf from Myer $67.95) but until then, improvise with a towel rolled up on the ledge.
Step 3: Why not include a beverage?
Wine? Herbal tea? Water? What is your liquid of choice?

As inviting as a wine sounds, sometimes it’s not always the right time. Yet drinking a tea in hot water creates a sense of overheating. Well, a wise woman once mentioned that opening the bathroom door or window to let the heat and humidity out could avoid this - and you know what;
She was right!!

Step 4: Carefully curating your favourite fragrance
The MOST important part yet (aside from drawing the perfect temperature of water) is finding the best fragrance for your experience. Bathox have such an extensive range of fragrances in our bath washes which can also be added to the bath. My personal favourite is Pure Lavender.
The delicate aromas of lavender, gently cleanse your skin and calm the mind. Our lavender range will leave you feeling nourished, clean and fresh with the antibacterial properties, combined with the ability to enhance relaxation and promote restful sleep. What an absolute dream.

Step 5: Assess the lighting situation
Not all bathrooms are blessed with the wonders of dimming light and if you are like me, the idea of a softer lit bathroom is desirable. A little innovation might need to take place to create the perfect aperture of lighting. If you aren’t reading and do not desire much lighting, simply turning the light off a placing some candles around the bathroom would create a pleasant peaceful mood. Although if you do enjoy spending your time in the bath with a good book in hand, a little more lighting is probably needed. The concept of the fluorescent or incandescent light might be a little overbearing, so some rearranging could be needed, consider bringing in a softer light element into the mix.
Step 6: Create the mood with the acoustic
If you’re reading it’s probable you will enjoy the silence however let’s imagine you’ve walked into your favourite massage salon the music is calming, slow and soft. It transcends you to a place of instant place of tranquil where you slow down, unwind and enjoy. The effects of music will change the whole mood, so consider wisely. We want your bath experience to be perfect.
Step 7: Picking your bath texture
Epsom salts, lavender oil, bath rock salts, bath bombs or bubbles. You name it, its your experience. Adding something beautiful or fun to the water for when you’re ready to sit down, relax, and soak your way to a calmer you. Not to mention, leave your skin feeling baby soft and highly nourished
If you are wanting something silky to soothe on your skin, then look no further then adding in our Milk and Honey Bodywash to your bath. Not only does the perfect blend leave your skin feeling supple and soft, it can help soothe irritated skin, with skin conditions such as eczema. The milk soothes your skin while the honey cleanses the skin cells from within, making calming effect on your nerves leaving you feeling rejuvenated and fresh.
Step 8: Finish with a solid Post-Bath Regimen
You’ve slowed down and enjoyed your bath, to the point of your fingers being prunes. Perfect! Bath success!! However, and I preach, before you step out into the world again, wait a couple more minutes. Your pores are open and ready to accept some TLC. To really complete your perfect bath experience, apply your hydration face mask, or apply your oils. Now is the perfect time for your products to really absorb and you won’t regret it.